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Decorative Duraquartz Flooring

Decorative Duraquartz

Duraquartz is a decorative quartz aggregate flooring system, which can be applied by broadcast (seeding) or troweled application methods. Duraquartz combines colored quartz granules in a clear, 100% solids matrix binder to produce a hard and extremely durable seamless flooring surface for interior applications.

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Wallguard Protective Coatings

Wallguard protective coating systems are unique 100% solids, epoxy coatings for use on vertical and overhead surfaces over a variety of substrates including masonry block, concrete, steel, brick and tile surfaces.

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Welcome to Duraguard Solutions

The Midwest's largest polymeric flooring, ceiling and vertical surfaces contractor Durguard Solutions industrial flooring group has the resources to complete projects on time and on budget from the largest multi-story parking structure to the smallest residential garage.


Qualities of Service

Superior quality: Duraguard Solutions is the proven choice by Food service processors, major airlines, industrial plants, and warehouses, for service and installation and choice of product for strength, durability, superior quality and appearance.

Safe: Create an environment that is safe for your employees using our variable anti-skid systems.

Durable: Chemical, abrasive and wear resistance cleanable and cost-effective, our Industrial Coating Systems provide a world-class appearance for your facility.

Chemical resistance: Duraguard Services high performance coatings protect even in the harshest and most aggressive chemical environments.

High Performance Industrial Flooring Systems

To achieve the longest-lasting protection, every factor of the environment must be evaluated and considered. These include: Abrasion, Impact, Chemical exposure, and type of “wear,” be it forklift or foot traffic. The industrial flooring group features the most cost effective and versatile products that Duraguard has to offer. These products come available with a wide range of performance properties which allow for applications under most existing environmental conditions. Duraguard’s flooring systems provide an excellent seamless wearing surface that resists abrasion, impact and most common chemicals thereby extending the service life of any unprotected substrate.