Typical Product Uses

Ideal for:

→ Electronic Assembly Areas
→ Clean Rooms
→ Solvent and Ink Storage Areas
→ Airplane Hangars
→ Printing Plants
→ Testing Laboratories
→ Packaging Areas
→ Data Processing Areas

Evaluation Factors

Duraguard's ESD flooring combines durability with low maintenance costs to provide a significant cost benefit over the full product life cycle. With more than twice the compressive strength of concrete and superior chemical resistance, the flooring is not affected by heavy equipment or spilled corrosives. Once applied, the epoxy flooring retains the same level of electrical conductivity throughout its lifetime. The only maintenance is the cleaning.

Analysis of lifetime costs demonstrates the real benefits of Duraguard’s ESD flooring compared to other forms of electrostatic discharge protection. Conductive mats form only an island of protection and need regular replacement. Tiles are expensive to maintain and can be damaged or disbond in areas with moderate to heavy traffic. Conductive carpeting is not chemical resistant or recommended for manufacturing environments. The short life and constant maintenance requirements of anti-static waxes outweigh the lower initial costs of topical alternatives.

Performance & Life Expectancy

Obviously, appropriate care and maintenance of the polymer system must be encouraged and exercised at all times in order to derive the maximum service life that the “selected” polymer system is capable of providing. Selection of the polymer system must meet or exceed all “minimum” environmental factors and conditions as suggested in the paragraph above. Compromising any of those factors, or choosing a polymer system based primarily on price considerations alone — could result in failure. However, the broadest range of protection can only be achieved through proper installation by an approved applicator.

Conductive/Static Dissipative Flooring Systems

Electroguard Flooring Group

Electroprime WB — Specifically designed for use under Electroguard SD and Electroguard CD systems, this product offers excellent adhesion capabilities and has a fast cure time allowing for faster re-coating.

Electroguard CD — A unique seamless conductive flooring system that provides excellent electrical conductivity and non-sparking capabilities along with outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance.

Electroguard SD — A specially formulated seamless, static dissipating flooring system that provides excellent static control capabilities along with outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance for any environment where electrostatic discharge can not be tolerated.

Special Considerations

→ The Electroguard floor system is available in two specific ohms resistance ranges. Electrical Static Dissipative in an ohms range of 106 to 109 ohms — Electroguard SD; or in conductive ranges of 25,000 to 106 ohms — Electroguard CD. Either version of Electroguard floor system must be ordered from Duraguard to meet one of these specific resistance requirements for the specified project.

→ It is necessary to use the appropriate primer with the selected and corresponding Electroguard floor system (i.e., ESD over ESD and conductive over conductive) to achieve desired ohms (electrical resistance readings.)

→ Without exception, deadening or insulating the substrate will be required prior to applying the Electroguard floor system, by using Durapoxy AP 100.