Industrial Flooring

“Random” Duraquartx System

“Full” Duraquartz System

“Random” Duraflake System

“Full” Duraflake System

Decorative Flooring Systems

Duraquartz — A unique topcoat system that combines color quartz granules in a clear, 100% solids matrix binder to produce a hard and extremely durable seamless flooring system thats available in a wide range of colors. Available in a rapid cure formula.

Duraflake — An alternative decorative and seamless flooring system that combines colored flakes or chips and a clear protective top coat to form a durable, unique flooring product with endless, achievable color combinations. Also Available in two additional rapid cure formulas.

Duratop Clear — USDA approved and specially formulated to be a finish coat for Decorative Flooring Group, Duratop Clear is an extremely durable and high gloss protective coating that is capable of various slip-resistant textures; while providing excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, and many common chemicals.

Typical Uses

→ Commercial Kitchens
→ Deli's and Food Service Areas
→ Shower/Locker Room Floors
→ Laboratory Floors
→ Lobby Areas
→ Auto Showrooms and Service Areas
→ Correctional Facilities
→ Hospitals — Both Human and Animal
→ Warehouse Isles
→ Pharmeceutical Plants
→ Light Manufacturing Facilities