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Decorative Duraquartz

Duraquartz is a decorative quartz aggregate flooring system, which can be applied by broadcast (seeding) or troweled application methods. Duraquartz combines colored quartz granules in a clear, 100% solids matrix binder to produce a hard and extremely durable seamless flooring surface for interior applications.

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Wallguard Protective Coatings

Wallguard protective coating systems are unique 100% solids, epoxy coatings for use on vertical and overhead surfaces over a variety of substrates including masonry block, concrete, steel, brick and tile surfaces.

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Heavy to Normal Duty Mechanical Rooms

System Information

The Duraguard Mechanical Room Normal/Heavy Duty Solventless Systems are designed to provide tough, waterproof protection on interior and exterior concrete surfaces subjected to normal/heavy pedestrian traffic conditions and the maintenance of mechanical equipment. System thickness is nominal, 30-120 mills (DFT) exclusive of primer and aggragate.

Duraguard’s advanced single-component technology combines the best properties in performance, environmental safety, worker safety, and ease of application. DURATHANE 52 has tremendous tensile strength and elongation properties. The solventless formulation provides a low odor non-flammable material that minimizes safety concerns for both the contractor’s workers and building occupants. Liquid residue left in the cans will fully cure, eliminating liquid waste disposal problems. The single-component, one-product system eliminates field errors common in two-component resins with multiple products for the base, seed, and topcoats.

The Duraguard Mechanical Room Normal Duty Solventless System is designed using only two products: DURAPRIME 1000VHS Primer and DURATHANE 52 Coating.

DURAPRIME 1000VHS is a single-component solventless (97% solids) primer designed to penetrate and adhere to concrete. The extremely high-solids, no-solvent chemistry of DURAPRIME 1000VHS makes it ideal for indoor projects and work in confined spaces.

DURATHANE 52 is a single-component, solventless (100% solids), zero-VOC elastomer. This product has both toughness of high tensile strength (2800 psi) and Shore “A” hardness (75 min.) and flexibility with an elongation rating of 600%. With these properties, DURATHANE 52 is flexible enough to be used as a base coat while tough enough to be used for the aggregate and lock coats, as well.

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