Typical Product Uses

Ideal for:

→ USDA Seamless Systems
→ Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
→ Chemical Plants
→ Containment and Chemical Tank Coatings
→ Laboratories
→ Commercial Kitchens
→ Pulp & Paper Plants
→ Industrial Surfaces
→ Drains & Sumps

Evaluation Factors

To achieve the longest-lasting protection, every factor of the environment must be evaluated and considered. These include: Abrasion, Impact, and Chemical exposure. The Wallguard group features the most cost effective and versatile products that Duraguard has to offer. These products come available with a wide range of performance properties which allow for applications under most existing environmental conditions. The Wallguard systems provide an excellent seamless wearing surface that resists abrasion, impact and most common chemicals thereby extending the service life of any unprotected substrate. Any system from the Wallguard Group can be installed as specific performance requirements dictate with or without an integral cove base, and in a wide variety of colors. Duraguard’s Wallguard systems are low in maintenance and provide the ultimate in safe and clean work environments.

Performance & Life Expectancy

Obviously, appropriate care and maintenance of the polymer system must be encouraged and exercised at all times in order to derive the maximum service life that the “selected” polymer system is capable of providing. Selection of the polymer system must meet or exceed all “minimum” environmental factors and conditions as suggested in the paragraph above. Compromising any of those factors, or choosing a polymer system based primarily on price considerations alone — could result in failure. However, the broadest range of protection can only be achieved through installation, by an approved applicator.

Vertical & Overhead Coatings Systems

Wallguard Coating Group

Wallguard protective coating systems are unique 100% solids, epoxy coatings for use on vertical and overhead surfaces over a variety of substrates including masonry block, concrete, steel, brick and tile surfaces. These high-build systems produce a tile-like, smooth, seamless and waterproof protective shield that resists stains, splashes, and spills typically associated with wet and continuous wash down environments. Available in several distinct formulations, Wallguard coatings are capable of resisting a wide range of destructive chemicals including even the harshest and most severe exposures. The Wallguard coating systems, when installed in conjunction with one of the appropriate Duraguard flooring products, creates a totally seamless and integrated system.

Wallguard Coating Systems

Wallguard — An excellent USDA approved, general purpose coating for vertical and overhead applications, to provide protection for virtually any substrate.

Wallguard HP — A high performance coating that combines durability and excellent chemical resistance in a pigmented epoxy for vertical and overhead applications.

Wallguard AR — A unique formulation that resists acids in higher concentrations, even in the harshest environments.

Wallguard SR — A solvent resistant formulation that protects most substrates against extreme exposures.

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