Duraquartz Decorative Flooring Systems

Duraquartz Decorative Flooring

Duraquartz is a decorative quartz aggregate flooring system, which can be applied by broadcast (seeding) or troweled application methods. Duraquartz Decorative Flooring combines colored quartz granules in a clear, 100% solids matrix binder to produce a hard and extremely durable seamless flooring surface for interior applications. This system is typically a 1/16” to 3/32” thick finished floor system (by broadcasting) or can be applied by trowel to thickness of 1/4” or greater.

Duraquartz provides…

Duraquartz provides a decorative floor system with excellent slip, impact and chemical resistance to most common chemicals; it can be installed monolithically with an integral cove base and is USDA approved, can be installed with no offensive odors, and is VOC compliant.

The Color Quartz granules are available in a wide range of colors and a number of standard color combinations. However, an almost unlimited variety of color combinations and textures can be achieved with this decorative flooring system.

Typical Uses of Duraquartz

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