Flooring for Garages as Flex Rooms

Smart people plan flex space in their homes. That doesn’t mean putting all toys in the basement and calling it a playroom or moving a desk into a second bedroom and deeming it an office. It does mean carefully designing home interiors which can easily morph to serve different roles. Flex rooms, if developed properly, are customizable to fit residents’ changing needs over the years.
For example, think yoga studio, home office, entertainment center, craft shop, storage unit, dance hall, showroom, gym. Now imagine creating such a space out of a garage. It’s done all the time with spectacular, eye-popping results. To see what we mean, visit Garage Plans with Flex Space on Pinterest.
One of the essential building blocks for developing a multi-purpose garage is, of course, the floor. To most people, garage floors start out dull and utilitarian and gradually become cracked, corroded and stained. The end. How could they ever, one wonders, help transition the garage for a newly-defined purpose? At this point, all anyone needs to say is, “I need help,” and then contact Duraguard Solutions for wide-ranging garage floor options and recommendations.
At Duraguard, we guide clients through all of their coating choices and highlight the benefits of each, including superior quality, durablity, low maintenance, budget friendly, environmentally safe and resistant to chemicals. Importantly, we now highlight floor coatings which fight cornaviruses. Since we’re talking about your garage as flex space, we’ll also point out which options have the most versatility and the best appearance. We’re always eager to point out the beautiful possibilities that exist.

From small residential garages to large and from normal to heavy traffic, your flooring system can set you up for long-time use and enjoyment. It’s absolutely possible to have a garage floor that is serviceable and stunning. Such an investment, which helps you transition through the different phases of your life and your family’s, is one that requires thoughtful decision making. Duraguard will provide all the information and guidance you need to make the right choice.
To jump-start garage floor ideas, visit us on Pinterest or see our website. Make note of our phone number and email; contact us when you’re ready to discuss your garage as flex space and the flooring that’ll work the best for you.