Aircraft Hangar Flooring Systems

To achieve the longest-lasting protection, every factor of the environment must be evaluated and considered. These include: Abrasion, Impact, Chemical exposure, and type of “wear”, be it forklift or foot traffic. The Aircraft Hangar Flooring Group features the most cost effective and versatile products that Duraguard has to offer.

These products come available with a wide range of performance properties which allow for applications under most existing environmental conditions. Duraguard’s flooring systems provide an excellent, seamless wearing surface that resists abrasion, impact and most common chemicals thereby extending the service life of any unprotected substrate. Any system from the Aircraft Hangar Flooring Group can be installed as specific performance requirements dictate at any desired thickness, with an integral cove base, and in a variety of colors and slip-resistant textures. Duraguard’s flooring systems are low in maintenance and provide the ultimate in safe and clean work environments.

Duraguard Aircraft Hangar Flooring Solutions

Vaporguard — A unique system designed to penetrate into the smallest fissures, sealing the concrete. It stops penetration of both liquid and vapor from passing through the concrete surface.

Duraprime WB — A water-based and water-tolerant epoxy primer system for application over concrete substrates. This primer, which can be used as a primer under most of our systems, has excellent adhesion characteristics, even when applied over damp concrete surfaces.

Duraproxy AP 100 — This 100% solids epoxy primer is typically used to promote adhesion and to seal old or new concrete. Specially formulated for use under our Top-Coat products, this product is suitable for damp or dry substrates down to 5°C (40°F).

Duraproxy AB — A 100% solids epoxy polymer base coat system for medium and general use applications. When used as a primer under the appropriate topcoats, this product provides very good impact, abrasion and chemical resistance characteristics. Typically used for interior, dry applications, when combined with a broadcast aggregate Durapoxy AB offers can easily maintained, slip-resistant surface.

Duraproxy TC — This is a topcoat system with excellent adhesion capabilities, which makes single or multiple coat applications possible. Depending on project requirements, a topcoat can be applied, with or without slip-resistant texture.

Durathane CR 56 & 64 — These polyurethane topcoats offer superior chemical & wear-resistance, and will cure to a glass-like finish which produces excellent light reflective qualities.