Automotive Showroom Flooring

Automotive Showroom Flooring & Service Area Flooring

Automotive Showroom Flooring

Automotive Showroom Flooring

An automotive showroom is more than just a place to hold the vehicles being sold. It is a place to paint those vehicles in their most positive light and get the customer to feel the emotions you want associated with your brand. Whether that is a sense of security and approachability or something sleek and modern, your entire auto or truck dealership should reflect it. That includes your showroom floors. While you may think that the customer won’t notice the floor, that’s not true, with a Duraguard decorative automotive floor they will!!

Durapoxy AP 100 — This 100% solids epoxy primer is typically used to promote adhesion and to seal old or new concrete. Specially formulated for use under our Top-Coat products, this product is suitable for damp or dry substrates down to 5°C (40°F).

Durapoxy AB — A 100% solids epoxy polymer base coat system for medium and general use applications. When used as a primer under the appropriate topcoats, this product provides very good impact, abrasion and chemical resistance characteristics. Typically used for interior, dry applications, when combined with a broadcast aggregate Durapoxy AB offers an easily-maintained, slip-resistant surface.

Automotive Service Area Flooring

Automotive Showroom & Service Flooring

Durapoxy TC — This is a topcoat system with excellent adhesion capabilities, which makes single or multiple coat applications possible. Depending on project requirements, a topcoat can be applied, with or without slip-resistant texture.

Durathane CR 56 & 64 — These polyurethane topcoats offer superior chemical & surface wear resistance and will cure to a glass-like finish which produces excellent light reflective qualities.

Duraquartz — A unique topcoat system that combines color quartz granules in a clear, 100% solids matrix binder to produce a hard and extremely durable seamless flooring system that’s available in a wide range of colors.

Duraflake — An alternative decorative and seamless flooring system that combines colored flakes or chips and a clear protective topcoat to form a durable, unique flooring product with endless, achievable color combinations.

Obviously, durability is an important component when choosing automotive showroom flooring. Not only will people be in and out of the room all the time directly from the outdoors, you’ll need to move vehicles around as you change your stock or your layout. The floor you choose needs to be able to stand up to this kind of heavy use without taking damage and needing to be replaced immediately.

Automotive Showroom Service Flooring

Automotive Showroom & Service Flooring

However, plain concrete or similar industrial flooring may be great for a warehouse, but it simply won’t cut it for your automotive showroom floors. Appearance is just as important as durability in this case. You want a floor that is in line with your branding and that looks polished and finished without taking attention away from the vehicles. Smooth, seamless, modern-looking surfaces are the current trend for the contemporary automotive showroom floor.