Vehicular Flooring Systems

Normal, Heavy Duty, Ramp & Turning Radii Vehicular Flooring Systems

The Duraguard Normal, Heavy Duty Ramp and Turning Radii Vehicular Flooring Systems are designed to provide tough, waterproof protection on interior and/or exterior concrete surfaces subjected to normal, heavy and slopped traffic conditions. Typical Vehicular systems range in thickness from 40—60 mills (exclusive of primer and aggregate) depending on application requirements. Some typical installations include: Parking Deck Stalls, Isles, Helix Ramps, and Turning Radii.

Duraguard’s advanced single component chemical-cure technology is used as the building block to produce coatings that are the highest quality available. Because they are single component, no on-site blending is required. Being chemically cured, no put-gassing is produced during cure. This enables the products to be installed in heavier single-coat millages and to cure faster in colder temperatures.

The Duraguard Normal, Heavy Duty Ramp and Turning Radii Vehicular Traffic systems are built-up using only two products. Duraprime 100 and Durathane 50. Duraprime 100 is a two-component epoxy primer designed to penetrate and adhere to concrete. The bond strength developed by Duraprime 100 exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete substrate, which by definition is the highest adhesion value attainable.

Durathane 50 is a single-component, chemical -cure urethane elastomer. This product has both toughness of high tensile strength (300 psi) and Shore “A” hardness (75 min.) and flexibility with an elongation rating of 400%. With these properties, Durathane 50 is flexible enough to be used as a base coat while tough enough to be used for the aggregate and lock coats, as well.

Accelerator 50 may be added to Durathane 50 for rapid cure rates or for systems installed at colder temperatures.