Simix fights and destroys coronaviruses

Several months ago the word “coronavirus” was merely a vague laboratory term to most of us. Today, we’re fully aware of the dangerous COVID-19 disease, slowly emerging from lockdowns using the CDC guidelines and determining how to best mitigate the virus’s spread in our homes and businesses.

One family of products we believe will help stop the spread is Simix. Simix fights and destroys coronaviruses by sanitizing surfaces and leaving a safe and permanent high pH. Surfaces with a high pH are hostile to microbes and viruses.
Currently, there are six individual products in the Simix line. We’re going to highlight several of them right now.

To clean and sanitize virtually any surface (floors, countertops, walls), begin with the Multi-Surface Kitchen Degreaser. Apart from destroying viruses and germs, the Degreaser provides another level of safety. It contains titanium dioxide, which reacts to indoor light and emits molecules of hydrogen peroxide. That, in turn, serves to constantly sanitize surfaces. The Degreaser is hypoallergenic, fragrance free and safe for pets.

Two Simix sanitizing floor coatings (Ceramic Floor and High Shine Ceramic Floor) dry to a super-hard liquid glass finish which creates that all-important permanent, high pH surface. They, too, contain the titanium dioxide for the additional level of safety; they’re also hypoallergenic, fragrance free and safe for pets.

No burnishing (high-speed polishing) is required when using Simix, which provides a third level of safety: no dangerous viruses are spread into the air.

Here are some numbers to prove the effectiveness of these Simix products: Viruses and germs thrive in an environment with a pH level between 4.8 and 9.2. The Simix Degreaser leaves a pH of 11.4; the two Simix Floor Coatings leave a pH of 12.3.
Those high levels prevent not only the growth of viruses and germs, but biofilm, as well.

Biofilm is the sticky residue viruses grow in; it can’t be removed with pH neutral cleaners.

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Fight Cornaviruses with Simix Clean and Sanitize all surfaces in one Step

Fight Cornaviruses with Simix Clean and Sanitize all surfaces in one Step