High Performance Industrial Flooring Systems

Vaporguard — A unique Industrial Flooring system designed to penetrate into the smallest fissures, sealing the concrete. It stops penetration of both liquid and vapor from passing through the concrete surface.

Duraprime WB — A water-based and water-tolerant epoxy primer system for application over concrete substrates. This primer, which can be used as a primer under most of our systems, has excellent adhesion characteristics, even when applied over damp concrete surfaces.

Durapoxy AP 100 — This 100% solids epoxy primer is typically used to promote adhesion and to seal old or new concrete. Specially formulated for use under our Top-Coat products, this product is suitable for damp or dry substrates down to 5°C (40°F).

Durapoxy AB — A 100% solids epoxy polymer base coat system for medium and general use applications. When used as a primer under the appropriate topcoats, this product provides very good impact, abrasion and chemical resistance characteristics. Typically used for interior, dry applications, when combined with a broadcast aggregate Durapoxy AB offers an easily maintained, slip resistant surface.

Durapoxy TC — This is a topcoat system with excellent adhesion capabilities, which makes single or multiple coat applications possible. Depending on project requirements, a topcoat can be applied, with or without slip-resistant texture.

Durapoxy HP — A Novalac topcoat type polymer system with superior resistance to a wide range of corrosive chemicals, in many submersible conditions, for interior as well as exterior applications

High Performance Industrial Flooring Systems
High Performance Industrial Flooring