Chemically Resistant Flooring

Chemically Resistant Flooring Systems

Durapoxy HP — A Novalac type polymer system with superior resistance to a wide range of corrosive chemicals, in many submersible conditions, for interior Chemically Resistant Flooring as well as exterior applications.

Acidguard — The ultimate acid resistant formulation for interior and exterior containment areas, even where the exposure is at elevated temperatures.

Solventguard — Formulated for continuous exposure to strong solvents in extremely aggressive environments.

Wallguard Systems — Coating systems for walls or ceilings which produce a tile-like finish, available in several formulations which are companion products to Durapoxy VG, Acidguard and Solventguard

Other High Performance Products

Electroguard SD/CD — Durable floor systems available with “electrically conductive” and “static dissipating” capabilities, plus superior chemical resistance.

Duraflex M — A flexible membrane system which can be applied under one of the Duraguard flooring or coating systems to provide additional stability and flexural strength.

Thermalguard — A heat resistant polymer flooring system formulation capable of with standing elevated temperatures up to 500°F (260°C).

Freezeguard — A unique formulation designed to cure at below freezing temperatures, on interior or exterior applications.