Polished Concrete. It’s Trending.

Did You Ever Think You Could Achieve This Look With Polished Concrete?

It’s Also Trending, Durable and Low Maintenance.

Here we are mid 2020 and polished concrete is trending in a big way for both residential and commercial buildings. Industry experts, manufacturers, contractors, designers and end users alike call the flooring option luxe, airy, spacious and spa-like. What’s the big deal? Durability, cost, low maintenance and great style.
With the current minimalist movement, a heavy emphasis on tamping down expenses and the popular “farmhouse industrial” style, it makes sense that polished concrete would be a significant part of the mix. It’s hard not to be wowed by its fresh, clean, high-shine look. Even a small area seems to expand as light bounces over the surface; in fact, some people claim polished concrete adds an ethereal feel to their rooms.
If you doubt these claims, please Google these 3 key words: images+polished+concrete. Immediately you’ll see dazzling examples of how retailers, restaurants, warehouses, business complexes, home owners, hospitals, aircraft hangars and storage facilities incorporate the flooring into their overall design. Stunning.
While polished concrete is low maintenance, it’s not maintenance free, especially if it’s used in high-traffic spaces. Daily dry mopping is recommended, as is frequent wet mopping with a neutral-pH cleaner. That last part is important if the intent is to keep the shine and protect the floor. With the corona virus, however, some people are now opting to use a cleaner with a higher pH in order to kill microbes.
Contact your Duraguard team at (800) 221-4192 if you are interested in putting down polished concrete floors or would like to refine your standard (sealed) concrete floor to polished.
Are you asking, “What’s the difference between polished and standard?” The answer is how the shine on the concrete is achieved. Polished concrete gets its wet look with mechanical grinders. Standard concrete gets its shine with a high gloss sealer.

Popular 2020 Floor Color

What floor color is trending this year? Greige. That’d be brown, beige and a bit of gray and it goes well with many other colors. It can be the perfect canvas for bold color splashes elsewhere in furniture, window treatments or walls.